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A will is often the centerpiece of a thoughtful estate plan. By preparing and maintaining your will, you can make important decisions that will directly impact your loved ones. This includes establishing the method of distribution of your assets, providing management for heirs who may not be able to handle their own affairs, reducing taxes and estate costs and making gifts to your favorite charitable cause. Failure to plan may cause frustration and unnecessary expenses for your family members.

The great majority of all planned gifts are made through bequests included in wills and living trusts. When a person establishes a will/trust for the first time, they should consider including a charitable provision. An existing will may also be easily changed through a codicil, which is simply a written amendment.

There are several ways to structure a charitable bequest including providing a gift of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of an estate, a piece of real or personal property, a portion of the remaining assets after all other bequests are satisfied or a combination of the above.

Bequests to Baptist Health Care should be designated to:

Baptist Health Care Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 17500
Pensacola, Florida 32522-7500
Tel: 850-469-2333